April Rain cause Springtime drain…problems that is!

I know April showers bring May flowers…but an over abundance of rain in a short period of time can surely cause the ground to saturate, thus causing draining problems for businesses and homes alike. If you are like me, your feelings for rain are a bit of a love/hate relationship. I know rain is necessary to keep all things green, but if your yard, parking lot or land are not sloped properly…all you end up with is a mess! And this in turn causes all kinds of problems such as standing water in your parking lot, muddy back yards or a swamp of a pasture or field. Each creates a different set of problems for those fighting the battle of the slope.

If your parking lot is flooding, this is an annoyance to your customers as they wade into your locations with an unhappy look on their faces. If it is your field for crops, or pasture for horses or livestock…you have got a muddy herd! And if it is your back yard, you most likely have muddy dog paws or lots of sloppy foot prints from children coming in and out creating a cleanup for which you were not planning. So, the big question is what do we do to help alleviate the drainage problems?

Let’s begin with a parking lot issue first. I would begin by contacting my landlord and notifying them of the problem at hand. Also take a look at any drains nearby to see if maybe they are clogged with debris such as leaves or trash.

If it is your field, I might suggest you carefully consider how your land is graded to slope, and strategically grade before planting season begins to aid in drainage issues. You might also think to plant crops which require more water, thus soaking up more moisture from the soil. If you have issues with your pasture for livestock, a seeding of grass may help with absorbing excess water which pools and try alternating pastures to allow for ground cover to grow back as they are in another pasture.

And lastly, if your back yard has drainage issues, there are several systems which can be installed to allow proper drainage of runoff water, as well as a regrade and over-seeding of grass or sod laid to aid in absorbing standing water. Also be sure to check that all downspouts from your gutters are pointed away from the house and toward a nature slope. One last tidbit of advice, check your gutters and downspouts for leaves or other debris as things may have collected over the winter months. Standing water can cause health issues as well. They are often a breeding ground for mosquitoes as the summer months approach. I do believe spring has sprung, so enjoy 🙂