Buffalo Wings and Rings in Piqua, OH

All 5800 square feet of the Buffalo Wings and Rings in Piqua, OH is up and running…and the cash register is ringing loud and clear! The owner is very pleased as his store pulled in one of the highest first day revenues in BWR Franchise history. The restaurant looks utterly amazing, and the staff is ready for the crowds as March Madness is in full swing.
Photo Feb 28, 5 39 10 PM
We at Angle Contractors are proud to list this ground-up restaurant as a part of our extensive list of completed projects. It was our pleasure to complete this project on-time, on-budget, and stunning on the inside and out. This particular location boast the new “Tap Table” which allows customers to basically serve themselves beer right when they run out, and the tap keeps track of how much was consumed. This allows customers the quick refill, and the beer to always remain cold, as opposed to sitting in a pitcher out on the table getting warm. Pretty cool for all of you beer drinkers and sports fanatics…and it is surely a hit amongst the customers in Piqua!
BWR Piqua, OH